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1st April 2023 

Initial meeting

This is an opportunity for us both to assess whether we can work together. We can discuss what brings you to therapy, and what your hopes and expectations might be. I will be able to answer any questions you have about my approach, or about Art Therapy generally.


All sessions, including the initial meeting, are 50 minutes long.

Building a solid working relationship between client and therapist is vital in achieving positive change. It is easiest to do this if you attend regularly so I encourage clients to attend weekly. I do recognise though that other time and financial commitments can make this difficult; I am able to be flexible if necessary, and we can discuss this when we meet.

The length of time that people attend therapy varies. It might be that a couple of sessions is enough for something important to shift for you. Working in the longer term allows the therapeutic relationship to develop, allowing you to work at more depth. Rather than working open-endedly, I prefer to review regularly; this means we can keep an eye on whether your needs and goals have changed, and whether you are finding the sessions helpful.


It is crucial that you are able to feel safe to share your concerns during therapy, and so confidentiality is taken very seriously. This includes your artwork, which will be kept securely for the duration of your therapy and is not shared with others. Only under exceptional circumstances, including a risk of harm to you or to others would information be shared. This will not be done without your knowledge however, and I will discuss my intentions with you before contacting any relevant agency.

I attend regular clinical supervision, which is mandatory to my registration as an Art Therapist. Supervision is a requirement for all therapists and counsellors in order to support the welfare of clients, and to ensure good clinical practice. It also contributes to my continued professional development (CPD) as a therapist. Client work is therefore discussed within supervision, and confidentiality is maintained within the same boundaries as above.


I charge 35 for an initial meeting, with no obligation to continue. Ongoing sessions are charged at 55 per session. I offer a confessional rate for student therapists of 45 per session.

Clinical supervision charges are 50 per hour.

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